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Flip Through Past Issues!

As of today, our last six publications (2015-2019) can now be virtually flipped through on Issuu! Check it out! We hope you enjoy this new feature! And stay tuned for our Spring 2020 Issue due to be released in the coming weeks!

Our Spring 2020 Plans

Hello all! Just like pretty much everyone right now, Scislug is having to re-evaluate our entire production plan! We wanted to update y’all on what that is though.We’re still producing a magazine but…It won’t be printed in large enough quantity to distribute widely. What we will do is publish our final PDF on this here website at the end of […]

Welcome to ScientificSlug.com!

Hello Readers! This past fall, we switched websites! We are now ScientificSlug.com! We ran into so glitches with our Magazine archive, but those issues have been resolved! Thanks for your patience! Scientific Slug

Changes with our Website

Hi, readers! You may have noticed that the last time SciSlug published a blog was about a year ago. This is because we’ve decided to end weekly blog posts to concentrate more on producing the magazine and re-vamping the website! Also, if you happened to read our latest issue for Spring 2018, you may have noticed that our URL is […]

Kicking Off Fall 2015

Greetings, Scientific Slug blog readers! This fall quarter we are kicking off the blog with a poem by the one and only Brutus. Enjoy. Shakespeare! Weierstrass! Thank you for your leaps and bounds, your contributions to my arts! But I won’t forget you could have any name, or have never thought at all and I would still find something to […]