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Space to Nick Omahen

Space (I believe in) — I’m tired of this world, everything’s fucked, and people are the worst. Okay, okay, I exaggerate, I’ll admit; But it seems to me, if it’s here with us Sooner or later, we’ll turn it to shit. Space though? We’ve telescopes to see, and minds so to wonder eternally; but not much else, as of our […]

Guide Star: A Poem

A poem by Kenny Shen “Three…two…one… Laser’s on!” A switch is thrown, and A blinding beam screams from the telescope, Piercing the tranquil night sky. A blazing beacon of photons, Reaching into the heavens. Traveling 186,000 miles a second, Broadcast by inquiring minds, Making its lonely sojourn, Into the infinite, icy blackness beyond. What’s out there? Stars, galaxies, nebulae, A […]