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Giving Day is Today!

Hey all! Now’s your chance to donate to Scientific Slug and support us in our ability to produce a new issue of our magazine this Spring! Follow this link to find our donation page! Quick—before the clock strikes 12! Thanks! SciSlug

Giving Day is Coming Up!

Donate to SciSlug this coming Wednesday, February 27! Scientific Slug Magazine is participating in Giving Day this year and we’d love it if you donated a few bucks. Funding has been tough this year. Colleges are low on funds, certain scandals have thrown wrenches into inter-organizational trust, and the funding process is generally slow and arduous. But not Giving Day! […]

Science Countdown: 1 More Day

Hey Sci Slugs! The magazine will be out in 1 more day! For now, take a look at this amazing science fact. Air does not circulate around the earth in a straight pattern. Since the Earth rotates, air is deflected toward the right in the Northern Hemisphere and toward the left in the Southern Hemisphere. The deflection causes curved paths and is called […]

Science Countdown: 2 More Days

Hi Sci Slugs! The magazine comes out in 2 days! Here’s another tid-bit of science to start off your week. There is one metric ton of air pressing down on us at all times. One metric ton is about the weight of a car. The combined weight of air molecules causes a pressure pressing down on your body of 10,000 kg […]

Science Countdown: 3 More Days

Good evening Sci Slugs! We hope you have enjoyed the sun today as much as plants do. Here’s another taste of science. Plants actually bend towards high concentrations of sunlight. They do this by elongating the cells of the stem on the side that is farthest from the light. This type of light-oriented growth is called phototropism. Source: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/05/130528105946.htm  

Science Countdown: 5 More Days

Happy Friday Sci Sluggers. Here’s another fun fact for your curious brains. Scientists have recently found that yawning has nothing to do with boredom or tiredness specifically, but rather yawning tries to cool our brains down so we can think a little more clearly. A 2014 study by University of Vienna found that just like a computer or brains work best at […]

Science Countdown: 6 More Days

Hi there Sci Slugs! The countdown continues with another interesting fact to get your day going and to keep you pumped for the magazine release on May 4th. Catsharks emit a green bio-fluorescence that can only be seen through shark vision.  At depth, it is important for members of the same species to be able to locate each other despite […]

Spring 2016 Issue on the Way!

Ahoy Sci Sluggers! To celebrate our upcoming issue we are doing a countdown of cool science facts. The new issue will be released on Wednesday, May 4, so keep an eye out for them around UCSC. Starting off the countdown is a fact about the bones that make up your body. A fully grown adult body has around 206 bones. […]

“When Art Meets Science,” a Tea Talk Review

Author: Kat Feng Tea Talk Tuesday is a platform for graduate students at UCSC to come together and listen to each other speak about their research in STEM and related fields. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. More and more, another term has been on the rise: STEAM. That is STEM plus Art. At Scientific Slug, we have […]