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To find out the time and location of our next meeting, please email us at scislug@gmail.com. Anyone interested in either science itself, writing, illustration, production, layout, graphic design, web design, funding, marketing, or anything related is welcome to join! Feel free to check out our previous issues under the Magazine Archive.

If you are interested in contributing or just want to say hello, please contact us at scislug@gmail.com.
Otherwise, we accepting submissions in the Winter quarter. If you can’t make it to meetings this quarter, but would still like to contribute, email us to be added to our submissions email list.

To contact our editors directly:

Zoe Petroff: 3rd Year Biomolecular Engineering and Bioinformatics major, Crown College


Gabrielle Cox: 4th Year Marine Biology major, Crown College


Archit Tiwari: 4th Year Astrophysics major, Crown College


Mikayla Kauinana: 4th Year Earth Science with Planetary Concentration and Astrophysics minor, Crown College


Giselle Santana: 4th Year, MCD Biology and Environmental Science Majors, Cowell College


As a SOMECA Org, we also have a faculty advisor:

Susan Watrous: swatrous@ucsc.edu

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