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Kicking Off Fall 2015

Greetings, Scientific Slug blog readers! This fall quarter we are kicking off the blog with a poem by the one and only Brutus. Enjoy. Shakespeare! Weierstrass! Thank you for your leaps and bounds, your contributions to my arts! But I won’t forget you could have any name, or have never thought at all and I would still find something to […]

We’ll be back soon.

This weekend, the Student Media Press Center was taken over by a bunch of scientific slugs busy with magazine production. But don’t worry, we are going to be back with a brand new Spring issue in a couple weeks. Until then, ahoy! The Editors

The Inaugural Tea Talk Tuesday

This past week we had our first Tea Talk Tuesday, a biweekly seminar series for grad students in STEM and related fields. Talks are 20 minutes long with 10 minutes after for questions and discussion, plus we get tea, coffee, and snacks to round out a mid-afternoon break. We model the Tea Talks after Friday Forum, an interdepartmental seminar series […]