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The Potential Generation of a Mega-Tsunami

Published By Mikayla Kauinana – Featured image by Gabrielle Cox When you think of the word “tsunami”, what do you think of? Do you think of the most recent tsunami from the Tongan explosion of January 14th that impacted the shores of Santa Cruz? Or do you automatically think “Big Wave Incoming, Need to Move Away!”? A tsunami is defined […]

Giving Day 11-3-2021

Hello fellow alumni, staff, faculty, parents, and friends, UCSC 2021 Giving Day is upon us! Giving Day is an annual fundraising event that helps support student run organizations. Our organization, Scientific Slug, has been creating UCSC’s premier undergraduate science magazine since 2013. Our mission is to make scientific research more accessible and relatable to readers by incorporating art and creativity into our […]

Cannabis: From a Social and Scientific Standpoint

-Featured Image By Chelsea Kintz The Supremacy Clause permits state and federal law to diverge, but the ultimate jurisdiction resides with the federal government.1 Cannabis regulations fall under this clause because, as many of us know,  each state can implement its unique cannabis laws that stand separately from the federal ban on cannabis. The response to cannabis is completely unlike the […]

Letter from the Editors – Spring 2021

Dear readers, far and wide, This tumultuous last year and a half has revealed the beauty and pitfalls of humanity. The issues we face have never before been more clear. On one hand we’ve felt despair and hopelessness, yet on the other we’ve discovered we can persist through even the most devastating of circumstances, find joy, and foster connection across […]

Student Environmental Center Through the Years

A Timeline of Student Agency through the Environmental Justice Movement Contributed by Student Environmental Center On a National Level: 1970 | First Earth Day & Formation of Environmental Protection Agency The Environmental Protection Agency was created following the increase of public interest in the protection of the environment. The EPA focuses on maintaining the health of humans and the environment […]

Giving Day 2020 Update

To all our thoughtful and lovely donors, Thank you for supporting us on Giving Day! We received $2,500, which was only possible due to your generosity.  We hope to repay your kindness and support by continuing the legacy of Scientific Slug and by creating a magazine that is reflective of our passion for the organization. Our staff continues to grow […]


Hello all! Scislug is so pleased to be able to show you all our Spring 2020 Issue! We’re so proud of everyone in our staff and our community for prevailing despite some incredible challenges we faced this year. Please enjoy Scientific Slug – Issue 1, Volume 8!


By Chiara Villanueva Art by Gabrielle Cox and Olivia Irons My mother once told me that angels were real. That they were always there, looking after you, guiding you places, even when you can’t see them. I sometimes wonder what she’d think if I told her: “But I saw them, mom. My guardian angel—I saw them and they saved me.” […]

Flip Through Past Issues!

As of today, our last six publications (2015-2019) can now be virtually flipped through on Issuu! Check it out! We hope you enjoy this new feature! And stay tuned for our Spring 2020 Issue due to be released in the coming weeks!