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Spring 2021
Letter from the Editors – Spring 2021

Letter from the Editors – Spring 2021

Dear readers, far and wide,

This tumultuous last year and a half has revealed the beauty and pitfalls of humanity. The issues we face have never before been more clear. On one hand we’ve felt despair and hopelessness, yet on the other we’ve discovered we can persist through even the most devastating of circumstances, find joy, and foster connection across vast geographical divides. It is easy to fall prey to the overwhelming nature of our problems, but from the struggle comes the chance to reform and progress.

The articles in our Spring 2021 issue notice what is lacking in our world–be it an appreciation for volcanoes and Jurassic plants, effective science communication, recognition of invisible illnesses, environmental reform, or anti-colonial mindsets–and show that it is not only possible to improve, but it is vital to do so.

In this issue, we yearn—and plan—for a better world ahead. While we touch on the chaotic nature of our reality, we choose to focus on what can be, beyond what is. We believe in a better future–one that can only come about with community action. We hope the articles in this magazine encourage you to strive for a brighter future driven by cooperation, compassion, and curiosity. Not only is it within our power; it is what we all deserve.

Yours truly,
The Editors

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