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Time to Astrid Anker

Time to Astrid Anker

Time is found, lost, given, spent.
Together with space it can bend.
Time is a fickle friend.

In physics class we are told that time is relative: it ticks by slower or faster, depending on the motion of the object and the frame of reference. Sometimes we forget to apply that to our own human experience. It’s a lot for a mere mortal to comprehend because our lives might seem to drag on, but our time on earth is significantly insignificant. When I first realized this fact, I was rudely awakened but it did make me reevaluate my outlook on life. I already knew I’d have to give up a third of my life to sleep and a third to work, unavoidable, dammit. I furiously calculated how long I would spend cleaning (over a year) or eating (over three years) in a lifetime and got further down the rabbit hole.

We think we have infinite time, especially when we’re young, but the truth is there are a lot of monotonous human things we have to do and that doesn’t leave a lot of time. People forget its value and wasting someone’s time is like throwing that person’s possessions into a black hole, to me anyway. Time is the most precious currency. I gave an hour of my time for this piece so the least you could do as a reader is stop reading, carpe diem, and all that jazz.

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