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Getting Back to Basic Science Tools

Getting Back to Basic Science Tools

Some of the greatest scientific discoveries in the past century have been due to drastic advancements in technology. Humans have developed microscopes, telescopes, particle colliders, submarines, spectrometers … all of these inventions have revolutionized our understanding of the world around us. Amidst this incredible technology it is easy to forget that, armed with our curiosity, we once only used our eyes, ears, nose and hands to do science. We observed. We looked. We listened. We touched. We saw the world around us.

Now that the weather in Santa Cruz is getting warmer and the days longer, I’m pushed even more to get outside and use these science tools at my disposal. In fact, I only have to go to my own driveway and look up. I took the following two pictures from the base of the steps leading to my apartment. No remote place; quite accessible, in fact.


Is it really surprising the amount of overlap between science and art? Despite the fancy camera used to take these shots, it doesn’t do justice to what all five of my basic senses captured.


Even though classes are still in full swing, everyone can go to their backyard, driveway, or even just their balcony and look up! Or around. Smell the air, feel the ground. Use those primitive senses of yours and do some science.

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